If you repeatedly criticize someone for liking something you don’t, they won’t stop liking it. They’ll stop liking you.


I love this because music is playing a major role in my life right now but more than anything I’m just incredibly jealous that I wasn’t a passenger on this plane. 

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Emma going through the three stages of evil cleavage …

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"You’re brave to come here alone, girl," the Queen spoke, eyeing the intruder. "Brave, but stupid. Like all Charmings."

"You know who I am?" the blonde girl asked, carefully approaching the burning fire.

"No amount of rugs can hide the shining goodness within you, little girl. It’s disgusting, really."

The Queen considered sending Snow White the head of her beloved daughter on a plate, now that such opportunity arose. They buried their differences long time ago, for the sake of peace within the kingdom, but that did not mean Snow’s foolish daughter could just waltz into her kingdom like that. Surely, there should be consequences.

"I need your help, Your Majesty," Princess Emma said, her voice trembling slightly. 

"Oh, sweet child, After everything, you think I would help anyone of the White family? You must be even more naive than your mother. But amuse me, what do you want from me?"

Princess Emma took three steps forward, her face illuminated by the fire. The Queen took liking to the sight of her and found herself staring. Without the tremble in her voice, the blonde spoke.

"I want you to help me kill King James. I want you to help me kill my husband. I heard that in the entire Land, you would have an understanding what it is like to be married to a man only because your family needs the connection."

Queen Regina fought her surprise at the spark of true hatred she saw in the green eyes. Indeed, she now knew what drove the Princess to her castle. 

"Very well then, I believe it’s bad manners to discuss business without a drink. How would you like a glass of the best apple cider you ever tasted?"

"I think that in all life, there are the people who are right
for you and there are the people who are wrong for you, and
then there
are the people you just c h o o s e." - Edward Kitsis

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A Brief History of Lesbian Subtext



In older media, when there were rules forbidding overt displays of homosexuality, writers who wanted to create gay characters would often resort to homosexual subtext.”—TV tropes


When I attended the Husbands panel at New…

Let me reblog this again, and point out that writers openly queer bait, where queer baiting means indicating that this pair is a couple by code BECAUSE this is the ONLY way they can, by:

Having the characters share clothing

- "Enjoy my shirt…"

Shared grey shirt

Giving the characters a colour scheme

- the swan mills family colours

Swan-Mills family colours gifset

Having them walk in on each other in their underwear

- Emma opens the door in her underwear to receive a fucking apple from Regina in Season 1. Incidentally, in ancient Greece…

Throwing an apple was the symbolic way of declaring love, and catching an apple the symbolic way of accepting love. 

Emma answers the door in her underwear

Having them (subtly) check each other out with their eyes

- there too many.examples of this to count, but here is an example. These bitches are about as subtle as a boot to the head.

Emma Regina eye-sex

Romantic Zooms

- the fucking super Rom com zoom during witch hunt

Rom Com Zoom Witch Hunt

Last, but not least, invading each other’s personal space

- Where do i even begin? Once again, I’ll let Lily Sparks do the talking. 

Then let’s not forget the ads for marriage equality OUAT so kindly produced in Season 3A.

Oh and let’s not forget

If you read the original article carefully, JANE ESPENSON, who writes for Once Upon A Time basically said that this is what writers do when they want you to know that you are watching a super gay ass couple, but the studio execs lack balls and will not allow it.

So Jane was like “Yeah, it is queer baiting. All writers do it. We know we do it. The actors know we do it. The studios know we do it. Now you know we do it, and guess what…”

In conclusion, the writers want you, the watcher, to know that Emma and Regina are super gay for each other. 

Anything else is the beards, misdirection, and character development that happen on the way to…


Had to be done.

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Once Upon a Sass - 1/? ”Picking Apples”