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I wish fandom could stop talking about “end game” relationships, like the entire purpose of someone’s life is to end up with someone and then things stop. Like everything is leading up to a single point. Whether or not it’s a relationship I’m into, I find that gross.

This has been said far more eloquently that I could possibly do it. Kudos to that. While I love my ‘ships and would like to see them onscreen, endgame is for fanfic and not always then either.

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I’m choosing not to read this as one of a million times the writers demonstrate a poor grasp on their own writing and characters… but rather…Regina has been hurt and used her whole life.

A girl who wanted another mother; a father trying to cross worlds for his son, a scientist wanting to bring back his brother, a savior trying to save a life. Their intent was never TRULY to harm her. She was a tool, a means to an end. You know when they say that indifference hurts worse than hatred? When she told Emma intentions don’t matter, what she really meant was that she doesn’t matter. Never enough not to hurt her.

Reblogging for the comment

JFC! This is so true. And hits so many of my headcanon buttons about Regina, it’s creepy!

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Actors, Showrunners Live-Tweeting Their Shows: The New Hollywood House Party?



I’ve spoken many times before about how dangerous a trend it is to rely on a cast to do their show’s social PR, and this article kind of curls a hard knot in the pit of my stomach, because this is becoming a mainstream tactic, and it’s not a cast’s job to do PR.

all I see in our future is a lot more hurt feelings from a lot more actors that prove themselves human this season.

*Gasp* What? You mean actors aren’t just on twitter because they super dooper love the fanart? That its part of building a brand and they feel industry pressure to do it and a LOT OF THEM DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING? 

you don’t fucking say

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Designer Hilla Shamia Fuses Cast Aluminum and Tree Trunks to Create One-of-a-Kind Furniture Pieces

[Editor’s Note: This is our 1,000th post here on Tumblr and we just passed 80,000 followers a few minutes ago. That’s two milestones in an hour! We also became a spotlight art blog last week! Thanks so much for following, you’re amazing. That is all.]

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Holy crap! This is gorgeous!

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Anonymous asked: TV show: OITNB

Top 5 favourite characters:
     Tier 1: Red, Suzanne, Morello, Sophia, Yoga Jones
     Tier 2: Sister, Norma, Poussey, Miss Claudette, Pornstache
Other characters you like: Let’s see… Honestly? Pretty much everyone else regularly appearing in the prison that doesn’t include my answers below…
Least favourite character: Tie between Piper, Larry, and Polly, tbh.
Otps: Poussey/Tastee, Piper/Alex, Janae/Yoga Jones
Notps: Red with any of her “girls” I guess?
Favourite friendship: Janae & Yoga Jones, Red & Norma
Favourite family: Red and her girls
Favourite episode: Anything involving either Red or Suzanne extensively
Favourite season/book/movie: I really don’t have a favorite of the two seasons. Each has its own merits, plus each lets us learn more about our favorite characters.
Favourite quote: It’s a tie between the following:
     Red: “All I wanted was to eat the chicken that is smarter than other chickens and to absorb its power.
     Suzanne: “I threw my pie for you.”
     Suzanne: “Chocolate and vanilla. Swirl, swirl, swirl.”
Moment that made you fangirl/boy the… Oh, I’ve had several, but the two that come to mind most are Suzanne peeing in Piper & Miss Claudette’s cell and Piper going apeshit on Pennsatucky.

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It’s time for another giveaway! I have an essay in Llewellyn’s 2015 Magical Almanac, and they sent me an extra copy, so I’m giving it to one lucky winner. Here’s how it works:

—Reblog/share/etc. this post, no more than once a day, between now and noon on Friday, October 3, 2014. Each share is a chance to win, and the winner will be chosen using a random number generator. No purchase is necessary, though interested folks are invited to check out my books and artwork.

—Giveaway only open to residents of the U.S. 18 years and older. Curious why these restrictions are in place? Read this.

—Winner will be notified via private message. If they do not respond to claim the book within three days, a new winner will be randomly selected.

Thank you!