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Regina trusting her grown up son enough to send him alone,
to the
most dangerous place in town, to retrieve an object.

Just look at his confidence, how he walks, moves, he’s so grown up in just one year.
He has his memories back now, he doesn’t need anyone to follow him around to protect him, he knows more about magic and it’s dangers than many of the adult Storybrooke citizens do by now, he owns this town and it’s secrets, and he can navigate through them.
Welcome to Storybrooke teenage responsible Henry, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. *tears of joy*

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Screen time for The Apprentice and first 4 episodes

I truly want an explanation of why they like Hook so much because David is white and gorgeous too and he just had a baby, and the new guy is also white and some people might find him cute and that’s a whole new story to develop, and kristoff is white too and frozen fans like him enough to get this show a fourth season, and there is also Rumple who a lot of people enjoy in screen. So if they need a white boy why Hook? Like I understand they can’t put women on screen all the time god forbid all those ovaries start being independent to their bars, but of all white male hunky eye candy characters why Hook?

Same same same same same.

So, Hook has more screen time than Regina, Snow, and Belle COMBINED. The only reason Charming and Rumple are anywhere close to Hook is that they had flashbacks. Imagine what the breakdown would look like for present day scenes. And man, I feel sorry for Belle fans. I know she gets a centric in ep six but 16 seconds?!?! That’s insulting. And to date, Hook has EIGHT TIMES as much screen time as her. One more thing, if you added deleted scenes, Snow and probably Regina would practically double their time.

This is fascinating to the logistics part of my brain, but disgusting as fuck to the fangirl side of my brain. This really does prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this show has become Once Upon a Hook and has completely destroyed the original concept it was touting as revolutionary and game-changing. There really are no women of agency left in this show. They’re ALL defined by the white men they’re connected to.

Where do we start the petition to get back whatever handler Adam and Eddy had in Season 1? Because they need to have that kind of supervision again to make this show worthy of the concept they keep touting.

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Sassgina Mills, everybody — (x)

 #The look on regina’s face in the third to last gif  #and really those last gifs in general  #are so goddamn satisfying  #this woman has the gall to break into regina fucking house  #and then ask for life advice  #just go fuck yourself snow  #and their performances are spot the fuck on  #snow just sitting there not fucking *getting it*  #like this is *solid* writing  #snow’s just clinging to that image of regina as her mother  #and regina keeps trying to tell her to kindly go fuck a tree  #snow *thinks* she’s being nice and helpful in her own twisted sort of way  #not realizing that she’s actually invading  #like guys this is race relations in the united states  #this scene sits within the deeper and broader context of our world  #because at the end of the day what’s on the screen is a white woman going to latina and asking her ‘how is babby raised’  #and miraculously regina gets to tell snow off  #good stuff  #what’s that you say? It got cut?  #of course it did - via elsodex

First off, I’m reblogging this because ‘kindly go fuck a tree’ is now my new favorite phrase.

Second, I’m disappointed this scene was cut for no other reason than Snow White, the epitome of ‘all that is pure and good’? is a MASSIVE fucking asshole in this scene. Seriously, Snow’s next scene is her throwing a hissyfit because there’s a problem with the power, and Snow being Mayor now because she would rather have killed herself and her unborn child than live without Charming, can’t deal with the fact that she’s expected to fix it (Once a self-absorbed, privileged princess..). Like, I would absolutely love it if this scene were the beginnings of an actual in depth examination of Regina and Snow’s relationship. If we were coming to a point where Snow White actually realizes and examines her role in creating the Evil Queen. Something that goes far, far beyond the choice Snow White made as a child. An examination that includes those years between Regina’s marriage to Leopold and Leopold’s death. Because the above is the epitome of that relationship. Snow has a problem, she goes to faux-mommy Regina *expecting* Regina to fix it, regardless of Regina’s emotional state. Regina, now the property of the King and his daughter, must do what’s commanded. And, for once, Regina is like ‘fuck off, no longer obligated to make it all about you’.

I get why this was cut. Snow White stills gets to have her BAMF moment, but she figures it out all by herself instead of entitled brat stomping all over Regina first. And doesn’t undermine the throughline of Henry and Regina’s plot. I wish this had aired, but the placement (between Emma and Henry’s scenes) is all wrong. Emma and Henry were both there FOR Regina. Snow breaks into Regina’s house.. FOR SNOW, prioritizing Snow’s problem (the blackout) over the actual crisis happening in Storybrooke.

While I’m sad the scene was cut, I hope the writers keep this particular interaction in their back pocket for upcoming scenes. Because Snow White, the MASSIVE fucking asshole, is something that really, really needs to be explored.

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